Curling Equipment

Good Sweeping from DavidWhat Equipment Do I need for Culing???

  • Warm, loose-fitting clothes
  • Gloves and an optional hat
  • Clean sneakers or rubber-soled shoes
  • A good nature and sense of humor

Items We’ll Supply:

  • Curling stones
  • Sweeping Brooms
  • Sliders
  • Great Ice

Check out our Links page for Curling Equipment Suppliers.

Curling Equipment Overview

Curling equipment comes in a range of complexity and cost. When you start curling, you don’t need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. You can probably get by with a clean pair of running shoes and a fleece jacket or vest and sweater. Loose fitting pants and a pair of gloves.  But if you’re going to get serious, then you might want to invest in great that is designed exclusively for curling. Even then, the only essential items are appropriate shoes and a broom.

Shoes:  In curling, one shoe makes you go and the other one makes you stop; so the sole of one shoe is s slippery surface and the other shoe has traction. You can either buy shoes that are designed specifically for curling, or you can use regular athletic shoes with something called a “slider”.

A slider is attached to the bottom of one shoe and provides the slippery surface that you need in order to “slide” on the ice.  There are various kinds of sliders available, and our club will have sliders for you to use.

Brooms:  The broom or brush is used to sweep the ice.  There are several types of brooms available, but again our club will have brooms available to use until you decide what kind of broom you want.

Miscellaneous:  While not really required, it is a good idea to bring other things to the curling ice. A good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and protects them when you sweep.  And don’t forget a sweatshirt or a sweater. Choose one that is loose enough to allow you some movement for sweeping and throwing stones, and worm enough to keep you comfortable.

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