Explore All 50 visits Park City Curling

Explore All 50

Learn about the “Explore All 50” visit to a Park City Curling learn-to-curl session. Alisa Abecassis is a single mom who lives in Irvine, California. Along with her three children Lilia, Isaac and Joel she has traveled extensively throughout the United States on a quest to see all 50.

When Alisa mentioned to her crew that she’d signed us up to take a “Learning to Curl” class at the Park City Ice Arena they all groaned-“Boring!!!”. After it was all said and done, everyone said it was one of the highlights of the trip…why? Because it was fun, different, and forced our family to work as a team in order to win our match.

Learn more at http://exploreall50.com/2013/06/learning-to-curl-park-city-ice-arena-park-city/