Learn To Curl

The Park City Curling club offers several learning opportunities:

  • Skills Clinic (includes 10-20 spots for Learn-to-Curl beginners)
    • Monday, 10/23/2017, 8pm (ice prep starts at 7:45)
  • Learn To Curl Nights (for up to 60 people)
    • Saturday, 12/30/2017, 5:45-7:45pm (ice prep starts at 5:30)
    • Monday, 2/19/2018, 8pm (ice prep starts at 7:45)
  • Drop-In Curling (for up to 10 people)
    • Monday nights, must be scheduled in advance , 8pm (ice prep starts at 7:45)
    • Contact Greg Basrak at pccurling@comcast.net to reserve 

Curling - A 2-Minute Video Guide

A comprehensive (and lighthearted) guide to the sport of Curling. How it's played, scored, won, and why curlers yell so much! This video has been produced by the Canadian Curling Association with support from the World Curling Federation's Development Assistant Program.



What to Bring to a Learn-To-Curl

The Curling Club provides, ice, stones, hacks, sliders, helmets & brooms.

If you're coming to a LTC event you'll need:

  • Clean sneakers - we try to keep dirt of the ice
  • Warm & Loose clothing - Stretchy pants, Jacket/sweater, hat, gloves (it gets cold on the ice)