Fall 2019/2020 PCCC Membership

Copy of Curling rocks!
Copy of Curling rocks!

Fall 2019/2020 PCCC Membership


Club membership dues include PC Curling name tag, T-shirt, Club Pin, USCA Membership (for 2020) & US Curling News Magazine (2020), MoPAc Membership (2020), USWCA Membership (2020) for the Ladies, Club Insurance, Club Social Events, and eligibility to compete in regional and national competitions.

Dues run for each calendar year. There is no prorating of club dues. Dues submitted after August 1 will be valid through the next calendar year.

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Park City Curling Club Membership Privileges and responsibilities

The Park City Curling Club is a nonprofit corporation that is exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the "Club"). Membership in the Club is conditioned upon the timely payment of all applicable membership fees and other charges as and when due and upon the continuing compliance with all rules and policies of the Club now or hereafter in effect. The Club reserves the right to offer, modify and discontinue membership levels and privileges from time to time.

General Membership Privileges

  • Right to Vote and Participate in Club Governance

  • Membership in the United States Curling Association and the Mountain Pacific Curling Association

  • Organized League Participation

  • Practice Ice, Open Ice and Sub List Opportunities

  • Participate in Club Activities and Receive Club Communications

Member Responsibilities

  • Abide by the Club Code of Conduct set forth earlier in this document

  • Treat officers, club officials, arena officials, and other club members with respect

  • Treat the equipment with care and respect

  • When possible, contribute the good of the club through volunteer efforts, outreach, and ice setup

The Club is primarily managed and operated by its members. As such, all members are encouraged to explore the numerous volunteer possibilities afforded by the Club and to contribute valuable time and talent to its success.  At all times (and especially when representing the Club outside of the Park City Ice Arena), members are expected to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and with the highest respect for the Club, its members, all competitors and the sport of curling. Failure of a member to comply with the Code of Conduct or any other Club Policy may subject the member to a loss of privileges or expulsion. Members shall cooperate with each other and comply with all directives of Club officers and employees.

Members are responsible for any damage caused by the member (or such member's guest) to the facility, whether such damage is accidental or intentional.